Weighing less than 1/2 a pound, the carrier is perfect for travel or everyday use.


The Tady Carrier is made of Parachute Grade Ripstop Nylon.


When folded in the storage pocket, the Tady Carrier measures 9" x 6".



Use the adjustable shoulder strap to carry the Baby Carrier as a diaper bag or take it off and stuff it into the bag you already own.


The Tady Carrier is safety certified for children 7-60 pounds and can be adjusted for the perfect fit.


With the Tady Carrier, you can wear your child facing in on your front or your back.  Use the sleeping hood as needed.


A Diaper Bag and Baby Carrier in One

The Tady Carrier can be worn as a baby carrier, carried as a purse, or folded and stored in the bag you already own.  The unique, patent pending design allows you to carry diapers and wipes in a storage pocket then flip the carrier into a purse without taking your personal items out.  The shoulder strap is adjustable and removable, so you can configure Tady to suit your lifestyle.


I was so excited when I learned about this product and even more excited when I got it on and tried it for the first time! Not even kidding, my 5 month old daughter fell fast asleep within 10 minutes of wearing her around in it. I have used several different brands of wraps and other baby carriers and this one is by far the best of both worlds. It is lightweight, which is HUGE when you already have a ton of things to carry as a busy mama, it allows for a better posture while baby wearing, and I truly believe babies and children feel more comfortable with less ‘bulk’. Also, I love the way it supports her head! With other carriers, I find myself holding her head and even her bum at times, in this one, she is all set on her own! Not to mention...the carrier is ALSO water proof, AND has a dual purpose as a diaper bag. I love everything about it!



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